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23 January 2006  
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Nitix automates Linux OS

Yatin Kantak

Irrespective of their size, businesses are always looking for robust systems that do not crash, have reliable backup facilities, and utilise technology that is not complicated for the end-user. Net Integration Technologies (NITI) says it has a solution for this.

The company’s product, Nitix, a Linux-based OS, offers users an operating system with self-healing and self-maintaining capabilities. Due to its automatic capabilities, it can eliminate the added cost of having a Linux expert oversee its operation. The company recently obtained the ‘Ready for IBM DB2 software for Linux’ designation for Nitix Application Edition (AE).

With the IBM DB2 universal database on Nitix AE, small-to-medium-sized enterprises can benefit from features such as Linux reliability, intelligent and quick installation, and automatic backup of application program files and data.

All-in-one solution

The software includes self-diagnostic and self-healing capabilities that enable the system to discover problems or potential problems and automatically find a way to fix those problems in order to keep functioning properly. It leverages its high-availability system design to enable a smooth recovery after the system is abruptly powered down, under any load. It can be run from a non-volatile, solid-state disc or CD-ROM, thus providing for reliability and crash recovery.

Nitix provides a complete business server solution with messaging and collaboration, security-enhanced Internet access, and protected data storage. Further, its recoverability feature integrates an intelligent backup system that provides continuous, automated, unattended backups as often as every 15 minutes. It also provides the ability to restore individual files and full directories.

Says Yatin Kantak, Regional Director, NET-ITECH Asia Pacific, “Nitix is a secure server operating system that incorporates a software feature that automatically identifies (and then protects itself against) various types of network attacks to maintain overall system security and integrity. Its auto-configuring VPN technology provides a safe and easy way to connect offices to each other via the Internet.”

Easy to manage

Working with existing environments or as a complete IT infrastructure replacement, Nitix is easier to manage and use than traditional server operating systems. Says Kantak, “The best part of this product is that it doesn’t require specialised skills and takes just 15 minutes to install. Also, this server does the basic configuration automatically. Even if an organisation has no IT infrastructure, this product will act as IT manager.”

The company has tied up with majors such as IBM, Sun and Wipro for expansion.

NITI started its Indian operations in September 2004. “For educating channel partners we are conducting seminars, but more than that we are reaching out to them through our Web site, Nitiversity,” says Kantak.

The company is now looking forward to introduce the Nitix Virtual Server where different applications can be run on a single server.


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